Welcome to WellnessFab

WellnessFab is the hub for women who are looking to take care of their mental health and overall wellness.
Here you will find the guidance and support to discover what your real health goals are and get the tools to achieve them.

Hi, I am Faby Duran!

I am so excited you are here! Are you looking to take control of your health and wellbeing? Do you want to be at peace with yourself and feel great? If so, you've come to the right place. There is so much I want to share with you!

Let me tell you that it is possible to feel good and make each day better than the day before. That you can recover your energy and motivation to live a healthier and more fulfilled life. It is all possible, but yes, you've got to do the work! And I promise you, it is so so so worth it!

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I want to help you on your journey towards mental, emotional and physical health, providing you with a safe space, guidance and support throughout the whole process.


I will help you understand any areas of imbalance, whether from primary food (career, relationships, spirituality, lifestyle, physical activity) or secondary food (nutrition), and help you navigate through any mental or physical health concerns you may have.

Together, we will develop the best plan tailored for you to make enjoyable, lasting changes in your lifestyle and nutrition. In this way you will create good habits that will “crowd out” bad habits that don't support your values and goals, so you can have more control of your own health and feel better and better every day.

Because health is a journey, not a destination, lets make it a fabulous one!

Coaching 1.2.1

These 1.2.1 sessions are 100% tailored for you to help find balance in your life, by encouraging you to make educated choices and changes to create the lifestyle and nutritional habits that will take you on the journey to a healthier mind and overall wellness.


Join the group hubs where you’ll have the opportunity to learn (and try!) recipes, pick up insights on mental & physical health, share ideas and make friends! 




The tasty corner! My recipes have been crafted to offer easy alternatives and creative approaches to plant-based and vegetarian foods that anyone can enjoy. Here you will find delicious ideas that will encourage you to eat more nutritiously and feel all the benefits!




"I had been suffering with stomach problems for some time and decided to sign up to an Immersion Program with Faby. I remember the sessions with her were one of the best moments of the week for me. During the sessions she share her knowledge and explained to me the reasons why certain foods might be causing me such problems. She gave me many food related tips but above all encouraged and inspired me to make healthier food choices and prepare food in different ways that supported my needs.

Faby helped me to recognize the need to see a doctor who could finally reach a diagnosis. She gave me the help I needed to be able to apply the dietary changes suggested by the doctor in a way that was adapted to my lifestyle. This was a while ago and today these techniques have changed my relationship with food and have helped me love myself much more.

In addition to my gut problems, I had been going through a difficult time in my personal and professional life. Faby provided a different perspective and helped me find the right way to make the decisions that would make me happier in the future. After completing the program, I changed my career path and began studying something I really love, feeling happier and finding emotional balance.

I would repeat a thousand times without hesitation."

Andrea Murgui


"My experience with Faby, my super-coach, has been wonderful. I started the coaching sessions because I wanted to improve my internal and external health. As the sessions went by we worked on different aspects of my life that made me realise certain weaknesses I had and that were essential to solve, With Faby, I have found solutions and overcome these. I have no doubt that without her help this would not have been possible.

She is a professional with a heart of gold who has given me tools to overcome difficult moments and change aspects of my life that did not satisfy me and held me back from feeling good about myself. With Faby’s guidance, I’ve come to know myself better and have been able to take control of my life. I´ve discovered the things I want most, and learned how to pursue them in a mentally and physically healthy way.

I would definitively reach out to her in the need of more guidance and support and certainly recommend the WellnessFab Health Coaching Programs. Thank you so much Faby!!!"

Andrea Yanez